In places where there are no air condoning systems and the penetrated heat is unpleasant and disruptive the window film just might be the best solution for it, to provide a much comfortable environment to be around. The unique properties of the film will reduce up to 85% of the solar heat gain coming from your window and as a result a cooler atmosphere can be achieved within the room. Depending on the amount of glass and its direct sunlight the temperature in your house can actually be reduced by few degrees without any use of energy.


Did you know that as much as 25% of your cooling and heating costs can be lost through the house’s windows? The film acts as an insulator on the window which helping prevent a substantial energy lost and thereby allows the air conditioning system to work easily and efficiently. That in time could reduce greatly your energy bill for the summer and winter all together.


The solar radiation brings along not only excessive heat but also harmful ultra violet radiation that we all aware of. Uv rays not only causes skin problems but they also fades furniture’s, carpets and other precious household’s. One layer of the film is specifically designed to reject the uv rays so you could be safe behind your window as if you were outside with sunscreen on your skin.


The film helps secure the glass in place in case of breakage and therefore reduces the risk of injuries from sharp shards. By applying the film on the glass you basically upgrading it to safety glass.


The suns glare can be a problem all year round, with hi levels of transmitted light through your window often causing discomforts and lack of visibility. Our films can reduce unwanted glare to any amount required.


Our reflective silver line enables you to see and not to be seen as a one way mirror style. The Reflective films not only provides a day time privacy but they also add a great appearance to your windows.